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Thomson Reuters Labs™ is the global reaching innovation arm of Thomson Reuters. Through the rapid prototyping of solutions and knowledge sharing, we support the organization and our customers with the understanding and application of new technologies to their businesses. We work collaboratively across our core segments to identify, de-risk and activate future-ready opportunities in AI, data sciences and emerging technologies.

Areas of Practice

With over 50 people in five locations, we carefully compose each team to support our main areas of practice:


Our process often begins with user research and design thinking workshops to understand the human side of systems and to inform our thinking about what problems should be solved. Rapidly creating prototypes allows us to explore solutions, validate them through customer testing, and de-risk their further development. Through this process we build functional front-end interfaces and visualizations to support the understanding of our customers’ needs.

Data Science

Our data scientists work closely and in a rigorous, systematic way with subject matter experts to determine how well our machine learning (ML) models are working and what level of performance is appropriate to the task being automated. They apply the latest developments in machine learning, including applications of deep learning, natural language processing (NLP), predictive modeling, classification, text generation, text summarization tasks, and more.


We enable the transition of design and research work into the hands of our segment partners, accelerating adoption of innovative solutions for our customers. Our engineering team works alongside our design and data science teams to execute the latest developments in software design. In addition to helping the company deploy machine learning solutions, our engineers prototype solutions utilizing decentralized ledger technologies, identity services, public cloud, and other emerging and fast evolving fields.



The Lab, located in the Innovation District, engages with the region’s robust startup community and world-class universities to develop innovative solutions for the challenges our customers face today.

Waterloo Region

The Lab is located in Communitech, an accelerator in the heart of the region's startup ecosystem. The Lab works closely with the University of Waterloo on research and leverages the school’s elite coop program to bring new ideas and new ways of thinking.

Zurich Region

The Lab accelerates enterprise level innovation projects to deliver value to our customers. With a diverse team we run hackathons, workshops, innovation challenges, proof of concepts and build prototypes to deliver quality results.


The Lab, located in the heart of Canary Wharf, partners with start ups and top universities, and collaborates with customers in an agile framework to build and experiment with new solutions.


The Lab is located in the heart of downtown at Thomson Reuters’ headquarters. In collaboration with our Waterloo Labs we operate in Canada’s tech corridor, a globally recognized center for tech talent, development, and innovation.

Our global innovation partnerships