Thomson Reuters Labs

Thomson Reuters Labs

Thomson Reuters Labs™ around the world collaborate with customers to solve big problems and rapidly prototype and validate solutions using data science and lean techniques. Working with external partners, Thomson Reuters Labs are active members of regional innovation ecosystems, delivering world-class solutions for customers.


With a network of locations around the globe, Thomson Reuters Labs look to create meaningful relationships with local innovation ecosystems, as well as partnering globally to address opportunities wherever Thomson Reuters operates.

Career opportunities

We want to connect with innovators. Join us in solving complex problems and developing prototypes that demonstrate the art of the possible. You’ll work alongside data science professionals in Thomson Reuters Labs™ located in Boston (USA), Waterloo (Canada), London (England), Zürich Region (Switzerland) and Cape Town, South Africa. Your colleagues are brilliant – masters of big data, statistics, machine learning, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, data visualization, and quantitative finance.

Thomson Reuters Labs collaborate with customers around the world to solve big problems and rapidly prototype and validate solutions using data science and lean techniques. We currently have 5 Labs in Boston, London, Waterloo, Zurich and Cape Town. We’re excited to announce that we will be opening a new Lab in Singapore. To help get us up and running, we’re looking for Data Scientists and a UX Designer to join us as founding members. We encourage you to apply today. 

Thomson Reuters is a data scientist’s dream. As one of the world’s leading data providers, you’ll have the opportunity to work with petabytes of real world data sets in finance, risk, tax, accounting, and legal, just to name a few.  While Thomson Reuters is trusted for solving complex business problems, we are also invested in solving complex social problems through the work of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, where we act to promote socio-economic progress and the rule of law worldwide.

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Liz Cherif

Director of Corporate Technology Talent Acquisition
Tel: +651 848 7268