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TRRegTech2019 Competition

Our three winners from the 2019 Global RegTech Competition

Thank you to all participants who came to New York City this past week to pitch our panel of expert judges, as well as those who took part in the audience. The overall competition saw almost 100 applicants from over 30 countries, presenting solutions that help lawyers, tax professionals, corporations, and governments address challenges across the regulatory and compliance community. Our three winners from the competition were:

  • AplyID
  • PrivacyCheq
  • SurchX

The event also included two special guest speakers: John Nay, Chief Executive Officer of Skopos Labs who provided an engaging presentation on the impact of elections on policy-making using AI; and, Susan Dudley, Director of the George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center, who delivered a keynote on the evolution and future of regulation in the U.S.

Our judges

Meet the judges
for the TRRegTech2019 Competition

Announcing our Shortlist for the 2019 Global RegTech Competition!

In August, Thomson Reuters launched its inaugural global RegTech competition for early stage start-ups in the legal, tax, and regulatory space. With nearly 100 applicants from 33 countries around the world, we are pleased to announce the shortlisted finalists below:

  • Apiax: Financial regulations mastered digitally (Zurich, Switzerland)
  • AplyID: AML compliant identity verification (Auckland, New Zealand)
  • Fatbrain: Automated AML compliance using auditable & explainable AI (New York, NY)
  • Finchat: Monitoring & analytics for messaging in regulated industries (Singapore)
  • PrivacyCheq: Reduces burden of notice and consent privacy regulations (York Haven, PA)
  • SILO Compliance: AML for small & mid-sized businesses (Georgetown, Cayman Islands)
  • SurchX: Guaranteed compliant merchant surcharging solution (Phoenix, AZ)

Leading up to the live pitch event in New York City later this month, we will be profiling  each candidate in our shortlist as well as showcasing their innovative work within the community. These start-ups will present  solutions  that help lawyers, tax professionals, corporations, and governments address challenges across the regulation value chain—from understanding proposed rules and assessing their impact, through to compliance

The event will also feature two special guest speakers; John Nay, Chief Executive Officer of Skopos Labs and  Susan Dudley, director of the George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center and the top regulatory official for the George W. Bush administration.

Mr. Nay’s remarks will explore the impacts of elections on policy-making through “explainable” AI, while Ms. Dudley’s keynote will focus on regulation in the U.S., how it has evolved, and where it is headed.

Our full judging panel is comprised of:

  • Susan Dudley, Director, the GW Regulatory Studies Center Distinguished Professor of Practice, Trachtenberg School of Public Policy & Public Administration, George Washington University
  • Nick Jarema, Vice-President, Thomson Reuters Labs
  • Neil Masterson, Co-Chief Operating Officer, Thomson Reuters
  • Steve Perreault, Head of M&A Strategy, Thomson Reuters
  • Charlotte Rushton, President, Tax Professionals, Thomson Reuters

The culmination of the competition will see the judges selecting three winners from the above shortlist. The winning start-ups will receive cash prizes, AWS credits totalling up to $100,000, the opportunity  to partner with Thomson Reuters, as well as the opportunity to  be considered for  a direct investment from Thomson Reuters.

This competition will give the finalists an opportunity to showcase their initiatives to leaders in compliance, tax, legal and professional services (especially in finance), and to demonstrate what’s happening at the “bleeding edge” of regulatory technology.

The scope and complexity of regulation has widened to include almost all areas of commerce and we are now seeing RegTech expand beyond its traditional association with FinTech. As a result, a range of companies are stepping up to help reduce the cost and risk of compliance while simultaneously identifying new business opportunities that arise in the wake of changing regulation.

Keep an eye out over the following days for profile highlights on each of the shortlisted companies. Hope you will be able to join us on October 29 in NYC!

Applications are now closed for the 2019 Thomson Reuters RegTech competition.

Join us for the live pitch event in NYC on October 29th.

Thomson Reuters has reviewed applications from across 33 countries and assembled a group of world class startups at the cutting edge of fraud prevention, data privacy, secure communication and more. 

The RegTech industry is growing at an unprecedented pace. Businesses are increasingly looking to technology to help navigate a rapidly evolving regulatory environment, and the rising cost of compliance.  Thomson Reuters operates at the intersection of regulation and commerce and is therefore well positioned to help companies navigate this challenging and ever-changing environment. You can learn more about the rise of RegTech and the role of startups in this new economy here.

Click here to meet the TRRegTech2019 Competition Judges.

The competition

How might startups solutions help lawyers, tax professionals, corporations, and governments in solving challenges across the regulation value chain; from understanding proposed rules and regulations, assessing their impact, and reacting or complying to them?

We’re looking to partner with, and invest in regulation-focused startups to bring to market solutions that will enable and empower professionals in practice, commerce, and government.

This competition is organized in partnership with Quesnay.

TRRegTech2019 Competition