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Creating resilient data ecosystems

Shareable by Default: Creating resilient data ecosystems

Data has more potential value when it can be shared or opened. Whilst data can power new ways of thinking, provide a competitive advantage and drive value creation, there are technical, organizational and cultural challenges that must be overcome to truly reap the benefits of a data-driven approach.

What makes data shareable?

Invisible frameworks that govern the structure and management of data must be interoperable to facilitate the value that can be extracted from it.

Thomson Reuters and the Open Data Institute have drawn on their experiences in building and working with data services and ecosystems, to explore data techniques that benefit the wider community.

The first paper looked at best practices in data identifiers, a crucial topic for how data can be effectively published, retrieved, reused and linked. This second paper seeks to go further, looking at the ways in which data must be managed to allow it to break out of the many silos that exist within and between organizations, and even across open data repositories. This will enable anyone or any organization to truly benefit from the whole data spectrum they are able to utilize — whether that data is open, shared or closed.

You’re a chief data officer? Learn how making your data shareable by default will enable you to address the challenges of building your organization’s capacity to use data in innovative ways.

You’re responsible for how a dataset is managed? Learn a set of frameworks and approaches that you can apply to ensure effective data management and use.

We want to strongly make the case that the challenges of making data ‘shareable by default’ are more likely to be around issues of perspective and culture than technology. If everyone takes a position of collaboration and reuse, no matter where their data sits in the data spectrum, everyone will benefit.

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"Open Data Institute and Thomson Reuters, 2016, Shareable by Default: Creating resilient data ecosystems, Retrieved from http://thomsonreuters.com/shareable-data"